Saturday, November 19, 2005

Everything's coming up feathers

When we were in Memphis, the hotel had this amazing bed that must have had a feather topper. I didn't really look under the sheet, but it seemed like it and reminded me of this little boutique hotel where we lived in San Francisco before our condo was ready. The bed was so fluffy and wonderful for sleep I simply didn't want to get up.

Nowadays, I don't sleep so much and I rarely sleep well, so the fact I got good sleep in Memphis reminded me of how much I like these feathery products and got me going on my new "must have" item, that being a featherbed topper to place on our mattress.

Today was the day, one of the local department stores was having a big sale and Claire tipped me off that feather stuff was greatly reduced. After looking at a few I found there is a lot of variance in these toppers, some are made from the feathers only and feel way to dense for my taste. I prefer the ones made from down surrounding a core of feathers. So after feeling every single one of them I finally made my selection and wrestled it out to the car. We have a king size bed and you cannot believe how big it is; I saw more than several people chuckling as I walked by. Thankfully the package had a handle. .

Couldn't wait to get it on the bed, so I stripped off all the sheets and mattress pad because I wanted to have perfectly fresh linens (of course!). I placed the feather topper right on the mattress, then put the mattress pad over it and sheets on top. Luckily I have the extra deep fitted sheets so it all fit.

Oh. My. Gosh. It feels like a cloud. So glorious, John was laughing at me because I was in bed rolling around luxuriating in the excess of it all. The funny thing is the reaction of the cats. Gilligan jumped up on the bed and just stood there like he was paralyzed. Finally he walked a bit, then pawed around as if testing the give and take of this new surface. He must have approved because he is currently fast asleep on the bed.

All I can say is everyone needs one of these. If you aren't allergic to feathers, go now. Do not delay.

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