Monday, November 07, 2005

Knitting fool

Now that the weather is getting colder I want to nest and that means I am back to my knitting. Which I was doing last night with all three (!) cats gathered around me, oh my my, life is good.

Here is my latest project...... this was my first time making something other than a scarf or dishcloth. For this purse I had to teach myself to purl which is the "other half" of the knitting game. Cause knit and purl combine in seemingly limitless combinations to create all kinds of fancy textures, patterns, etc. all with just these 2 stitches. Meaning the sky is the limit.

So anyway, the purse was great fun and ultimately so rewarding.....I made a lining for it, sewed it all together and everything actually worked. As you can see it turned out, well, looking like a purse, woo hoo, how cool is that?

The embellishments are some of my grandmother's earrings that are simply over the top garish and, while I wouldn't wear them on my ears, I think they are perfect here. Since they are clips I can even take them on and off as my mood changes. I am also going to look for a big silk flower pin as another decorative feature. And now I can't wait to make another one. Seems like a good Xmas gift, yes?


  1. Anonymous6:36 AM

    You did a really good job of knitting (and purling)and the purse looks great! I like the color!

  2. you are my knitting (and purling) hero, mb! good job!



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