Monday, March 13, 2006

I need to paint 5-7 new 30x40's for the gallery show I am doing later this year. A few days ago I placed an order with Dick Blick and was thrilled to find they are clearing out the old "Art Store" canvasses. That is the store that was 2 blocks from my condo in SF(recently acquired by Blick)and I know those canvasses well, in fact I prefer them! I was nearly out of so many paint colors that I ordered a ton of stuff in addition to the canvasses and I easily topped the $300 minimum for free shipping.

So, in normal Blick fashion, this monstrous order arrived on my porch less than 48 hours later. How Blick does that I simply do not know. They are so fast. Plus they almost always have everything in stock. As an art store should but you would be surprised how often other stores are out of very pertinent items. Like gel medium or gesso. In fact I have stopped ordering from ASW totally. Sure they have good prices, but they are always out of at least one or two items that I need. And they do not ship them later, if they're out that's it. You just don't get it. And I don't get that.

I unpacked the boxes yesterday and stacked all the 30x40's around the room to look at them. And they seemed so SMALL to me. Seriously. As in I actually measured them to make sure they were 30x40's. Which they are.

Hmmmm, working on this commission has messed me up. In a good way though. Lucky I have 3 more of those really huge canvasses. Because I am itching to do another large piece. And I don't mean a 30x40.


  1. Mary Beth.

    Oh, Lordy, You have been tainted by that commission. I can't WAIT to see it in all of its completed glory.

    How could we live without Dick Blick?

    I just got some 30 X 10's myself and they are haunting me. They see so big to me, and so small to you. I have to go bigger, and I'm getting there. Maybe I need a commission to inspire ME to go bigger. LOL


  2. It might be time to get a door. In SF I'd say, "let's go down to Discount Builders Supply" - where do you get a door to work on in St. Louis?

    Or you could do what our pal Reva had going Yule 2004 when we visited her in Bisbee: a huge 5 foot tall by just over 9 feet wide painting sitting propped up on two buckets to raise it off the floor and a two-by-four self-easel proppingit up from behind. We got to be there while she finished the central part to the left of the middle.

    Go big, Mary! You can whack together a frame any size you want, and learn to stretch canvas...

    Dick Blick has 3-yard chunks

    but Dharma has it by the roll...


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