Monday, March 27, 2006

Yesterday was Grape Arts, the yearly fundraiser for Art Saint Louis. It is always a good time, I mean what's not to like about very free flowing wine, great art, fun folks. I ran in to a lot of people I hadn't seen for awhile and it felt good to see and be seen.

I was feeling very frisky (yeah, so what's new) and wore my sailor pants. They are the real deal, vintage wool sailor pants that fit me like a dream with a high lace up the back waist and fabulous palazzo trouser legs. They are incredible when worn with high heels and I doubt the Navy had any idea what fashion they were creating. I always wonder about the petite sailor, C.G. Proulx (per the pocket) who wore these before me. And whether it also took him forever undoing the 13 symbolic buttons to go to the bathroom.

I bid on a bunch of different artwork but unfortunately didn't win anything. I was stupidly trying to be polite and aggressive in my bidding which is a big disconnect. Especially the one piece that I reallyreallyreally wanted. Clearly it wasn't going to happen as my opponent was a woman nearly perched on top of the bidding form. She looked fierce and I knew I would not prevail although I did force her to increase her bid several times.

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