Wednesday, March 08, 2006

John is sick. He's been suffering from some unknown cold/allergy/sinus/asthma crap for maybe 6 weeks or more. Now it seems to have turned a bit worse and he has a very ugly cough. He has a Dr's. appointment Friday but that seems oh so far away.

Time for me to kick into gear. I'm not exactly the chicken soup type but I do the best I can. Tonight it was a Red Miso concoction.

One of my friends is suffering from an immune disorder and her accupuncturist recommended Red Miso to help remove toxins from her body. And then there is the conventional thinking about mushrooms and their healing ability with respect to the immune system. Believe me I totally swear by this stuff, alternative remedies. I took a mushroom tincture when I had Epstein Barr several years ago and even my Dr. was stunned with how quickly I bounced back.

So off I went to Whole Foods and came home with several bags of MB style remedies. The more the better meaning we throw everything we know at the situation and hope to goodness something works. I'm not sure if John believes in all this stuff but it can't possibly hurt, right?

First up was the Odwalla Strawberry C Monster. This is a vital part of any healing regimen for me; it has something like 1000% vitamin C. Plus it tastes really really good. Next up was the Gypsy Cold Care tea which helps respiratory situations. Must be prepared with local honey(which we already had) to help the immune system fight local allergins.

And then the soup.......which I made myself, invented out of my own pea brain cooking head. I started out with a mixture of organic mushrooms, sauteed lightly in olive oil. Then a bunch of fresh ginger. An assortment of veggies - bok choy, carrot, broccoli, celery, spinach, scallions. Boneless chicken thighs, glazed with some sort of Asian sauce (ok, I cheated and got this at the food bar). Water, teriyaki and fish sauce. The Miso was in paste form and shouldn't be boiled so I mixed it with water then added at the very end.

Yum. I was startled at how delicious this was if I do say so myself. More like a Miso stew I suppose, very non-Asian the way I loaded it up with ingredients. It even cured my headache. And I still have my fingers crossed that it will help John. He seemed to enjoy it.

And come to think of it, maybe I did make chicken soup......the Miso is so salty perhaps this is the Asian version.

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  1. Anonymous10:47 PM

    Miso sorry that John is feeling badly. He is one good natured guy if he ate/drank all of the stuff that you tossed in his direction! Perhaps he ought to be grateful that you don't practice any form of Voo-Doo... :-) Heal, Mister, unless you want this woman to think up more potions!


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