Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I too enjoy my work

Just not today. I was really crabby. And mean. And unable to do art because I felt smothered. It started in the office where I sort of imploded with all the crap that surrounded me.

So I went on a cleaning rampage. Simply tore the office apart and totally re-organized. It took hours but I felt so much better afterwards. John knew I was fried and he pretty much steered clear of me except when he stuck his head in to discuss possible organization ideas.

Cause here's my theory. I only allow things to get really messy when I don't know where to go with all the stuff. Things that don't have a home, applications I need to consider, requests for donations, pending correspondence, contracts for shows, emails I have printed........all kinds of stuff. If I have a place to store it I will. If I don't I end up with terrible piles. And I hate having to go through an entire pile or multiple miles to find that one application I fear might be due.

We have tried several different systems and none felt right to me. But today John got me this nifty desktop sorting thing. It has sections where things can stand upright so NO PILES. I already put folders in it and labeled each one. He got one for himself too. I am very hopeful it is going to work as it already inspired me to complete 3 show entries this afternoon.

Then tonight our friend Jeff came over to color calibrate our fancy schmancy new printer. The printer I insanely bought thinking I could make my own repros. The printer that takes 9 different archival inks. The printer that has been gathering dust for 3 months because we can't figure out how to make consistent prints that actually match the art.

Well, 2 hours later and we are good to go. We have several absolutely PERFECT reproductions and our monitor is calibrated. John knows how to operate the printer and how to get these results over and over.

Jeff is a genius. No seriously, he probably is.

And my bank account shows that Madison cashed my booth check. Which means I have been accepted into the show. Woo hoo I can't wait as I love that town.

Whew, my day suddenly improved.


  1. YIPPEEE......you're coming to my town....kind of funny for me to say that, huh???? Anyhow, I can't wait to see you in Madison....can you throw an extra chair in so I can sit a spell with you. YIPPEE (again)

  2. Yay! What type of printer do you have? Is it an archival EPson, or maybe the new Canon? I just got my new Canon i9900 up and running. Has seperate ink cartridges in it, like yours, and I LOVE it! No running inks, either. What a cool toy!


  3. Anonymous11:11 AM

    WHO is Henry Wheaton???


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