Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Only in St. Louis

Would you find Pecan Pie as a choice at a salad bar. No joke. And the worst took every ounce of my control to not take a tiny little piece.

I was looking at my friend Brenda yesterday. She is in terrific physical condition due to a disciplined eating and workout plan. That is how we met in fact. We went to Pilates at the same place until I was insulted one too many times by the neo-Nazi trainer. All right, maybe that was harsh(in that she wasn't a Nazi), but I always left each session feeling bad about myself and it just wasn't good for my morale.

Like me, Brenda is off exercise at the moment although she has a pretty good excuse. She recently had hellatious foot surgery to correct a hammertoe (I don't even know what that is but it sounds awful) and bunion. Plus the bone holding her big toe was moved; she has a pin sticking out one of her toes which is kind of horrifying to me.

She still looks wonderful, extremely lean as in you can see her muscles lean, and she is CUT. And sometimes I feel regret because I used to look more like that although never quite so lean because I am still a curvy girl even when I am at my thinnest. These days I have fallen off the wagon - like I eat Girl Scout cookies for breakfast and consider running the vacuum exercise.

Talking with Brenda reminds me why I used to go to a trainer. Because I have absolutely no willpower of my own. I literally had to pay someone to stand there and make me work out. And weigh me and take my measurements and calculate my percentage of fat. Naturally it worked. Duh.

I walked outside a few times last week and then did a couple walk/jog sessions on the treadmill. I need to keep at it to build these habits back into my routine. I'm headed to our workout area (that would be the basement) again today. I think I will lift some weights too.

I especially liked the way I felt when I was working out. And I would like to regain that.

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