Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Thoughts for the day

1. Since John has been sick I've been cleaning the litter boxes every day. There are two of them in the laundry room. All the pee is in one and the poop in the other. How exactly did three cats get together and agree on that!?!?!?

2. I went to visit a friend today who had just had surgery. I made a pan of lasagna for her family and also carried lunch in so we could eat together and catch up a bit. She is wheelchair bound for perhaps another week. Anyway, I was driving over to her house and saw the welcome sign that just cracks me up every time.
"Welcome to Town and Country-Wildlife Corridor"
Huh? Tennis moms in their whites? Thoroughbred horses?
Oh, I guess they must mean the deer.

3. My client came over tonight to "preview" the big commission. And she likes it, woo hoo, how cool is that!?!? So time to get back to work. I can probably finish in the next couple of weeks. I will have my photographer shoot some pics and will post them once it's done.

1 comment:

  1. See? I just knew that client of yours would love that commission piece!

    Yee ha!

    Onward bound!



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