Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My stepdaughter plays Hocky with men. She's the only woman. And she kicks butt.

Now I don't know a damn thing about hockey, but she is clearly in a position of defense and it seemed to me she was responsible for a certain part of the ice, near the goalie. Even though she is half the size of most the men, she covers her territory and any encroachers with zeal. She is quietly aggressive within the rules of the sport. She is fast and gets the job done.

Last night her team played a team from a higher division. The opposing team was one that Beth knew as she had once been a member when they were in the lower division. During her maternity leave, they jumped up to the higher level and encouraged her to find a new team once she was back on the ice. Well you know Beth had a mission last night. And it worked as her new team beat them 4-1. Woo hoo.

We went with Frank and the grandkids. The kids rarely if ever get to see either of their parents play since the ice time for adults is horrible, like games are at 10:30 pm usually, well after bedtime. This was a 7 pm game and we took advantage of it so the boys could see their mom.

Aidan, nearly age 4 now, understands a little bit of the game. He gets the team concept, understood his mom was playing, knows all about goals. Ian is another story. He is 21 months and has no clue but will follow the action on the ice from time to time. When he is not climbing up and down all the bleacher steps that is.

We got to the rink a few minutes before the game and Beth came out to say hello. My beautiful and lean step daughter; she was suited up. With all the padding, her face mask and skates, she seemed so much bigger and even I didn't recognize her. Ian's reaction was hilarious. He stared at her as she started talking to him and gave a cautious smile when he recognized her voice. She raised her mask so he could see it was really her inside and his smile widened but you could tell he still wasn't sure. It was the cutest darn thing. Aidan, truly the big boy, was clearly thrilled by his mom's celebrity status. That and the Zamboni machine.

It was a fun night and this is why we moved back here. To be with Beth and her family and watch these little boys grow up. We wanted to really be part of their lives, not just visiting grandparents who come in to town from time to time and spend a few days with them. We wanted the full experience. And I will say.....picking those kids up at their daycare reinforces what it's all about. Witnessing the uninhibited looks of delight and love when they see Papa and Yia Yia and come running into our arms. Such a rush. There is nothing better.


  1. Those boys are so lucky to have both you and John living right there. And as far as Grandma's've got to be the youngest and most "hip" Yia Yia anybody could ask for. Enjoy them while they are little....they change and grow so fast.

  2. Anonymous9:36 PM

    We are all lucky to have you guys close and involved! Glad you enjoyed the game. The title to your post sounds a little odd, but accurate. If it makes it seem better, I do say "sorry" when I run into someone. : )

  3. I pick up my granddaughter from school occasionally, so I know exactly the look that can light up the world. In fact, your note makes me want to rush to St. Margaret's of Scotland in St. Louis and see that look!

  4. Anonymous11:51 PM

    What a stepdaughter - playing with the big boys and kicking butt. That is really a rough game. Power to her.


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