Thursday, March 16, 2006

Keeping my fingers crossed

I am waiting on jurying for a show.......Venus Envy to be exact.
I've been in it the past 2 years and it is a ton of fun. There are pictures on the website that will give you a hint as to what it's like. If you click on 2005 St. Louis event photos, you can see my stuff under the ones taken by Kristi Foster. This thing is a blow out 2 day party that just happens to have art hanging around. The crowd is huge and diverse and even more important, they GET my art. The past 2 years I've done a group of pieces specifically related to women. Work that is edgier than my usual stuff. I find it a very exhilarating experience and really want to get accepted again.

The entry is a little different than most in that you have to write a proposal and send a diagram of your "installation." You also include some photos (jpgs or slides) of your art. And the Judges pick whatever they feel is consistent with the mission of VE.

We were supposed to find out 3/15 whether we are in or at least it was going to mailed that day(ok, yeah, I realize it's just the 16th). But nothing yet. I am obsessively checking email hoping we might be notified online because I think they did it that way last year. I am also stalking my snailmailbox. Rhonda(who I met at VE the first year and we have become best buddies) and I trade calls every day, at least once if not more. Still nothing. Ugh I hate this part.

I got a call from the Director a few weeks ago. She wanted me to email her a high quality jpg of one of my images from last year. Apparently St. Louis magazine is going to use one of my shots in the April issue. That sounded promising but when I queried as to whether I am in the show or not, she was coy. Basically she wouldn't say because I guess it is up to the jurors.

In between my obsessive behavior I managed to finish all the gluing on the commission. Woo hoo for that. I have lots of integrative painting to do to blend the background and foreground so it looks seamless. This is where my tissue paper will come it as I have printed some tissues that are duplicates of old documents and letters owned by my client. They are very cool and I can't wait to use them.

We also took Merlyn to the vet today; both John and I went. Had a scare regarding a lump near his throat. Our vet thinks it's a swollen lymph node but gave him some sort of shot and we are supposed to "keep an eye on it." Hopefully all will be ok. We are slightly over reactive with that animal, or perhaps I should say I am. John is too, he is just more internal with it.


  1. all of this is soooo exciting...well deserved!

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  3. i will keep merlyn in my prayers...

  4. OOOOH. I am GOING this year, d*m*t!

    Are you going to have nice shots taken of the big custom pieces?

    I'll think good thoughts for for your baby kitty.


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