Monday, December 26, 2005

The Aftermath

Ugh, I feel like I need to be in detox for my eating the last few days. And we were even at home most of the holiday, so I have no one to blame but myself for reaching my little mitt back into the cookie tin over and over and over. Of course it's generally that way with over-eating. I have rarely, ok that is never, experienced force feeding. Yes, I put each and every bite in my mouth all on my own.

We are all gifted out. Lots of neat stuff including this adorable and functional JBL thingie that John got me for my iPod. It charges the iPod and also plays music. Plus just looks cool.

The sound quality is good, not like our "real" sound system of course, but certainly decent especially considering the mobility. It will be great for travel and even just using around the house. I will most likely keep it in the studio.

And books and more books, woo hoo. From me to John and John to me. I am a piggy with them - attempting to read several at a time, I keep them close at hand piled around me on the couch. Also got some nice clothes that I picked out for other family members (to give back to me, ha, this is a good gig). My stepdaughter needs no assistance whatsoever to pick terrific stuff that I will truly wear.

The grandkids were adorable. I believe that Ian would have been totally satisfied with the 59 cent bottle of bubbles that I put in his stocking. "Bubble" is one of the words he can say, so maybe it was cheating on my part. I cannot believe how much pleasure he derives from watching us all blow bubbles. He tries but can't quite do it himself. The site of the 2 puppies jumping to catch (and burst) bubbles with their mouth thrills him to no end. The remote control car I got was also a very big hit. It is made to be a child's "first." Way cute this one is, delighting parents and grandparents alike and even older brother.

And the huge box of stickers would have been it for Aidan. Forget the Leap Pad. It was all about those stickers especially the fish. Aidan is a child of moderation and seriously would have been content leaving all remaining gifts unopened. I think there is a lesson here somewhere.

The only return is the Automatic Tape Measure John received. Twice. Continuing in my family's tradition of all the men giving each other the same manly stuff.

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