Friday, December 02, 2005

Three Cat Night

It has been very cold here. And you know what that means.......all the cats sleep with us. Once again I am reminded of why we require a king size bed. Izzy and Gil are well trained and curl up at our feet. But Merlin, oh Lord.. he doesn't even know he's a cat.....sleeps right between me and John.

Between the new feather bed and the cats, I have actually gotten hot the last few nights. Wait, that could have been night sweats I suppose. Who knows. Anyway, I love it when all the cats crawl into bed and I wake up surrounded by my family.

We went to the final play of the season last night, the Off Ramp production of This is Our Youth. It was good, funny at times, but also thought provoking. And very well acted, especially the guy who played Warren, he was such a lovable slacker.

What a crazy week though, with so many evenings "out." I seriously need to be home, doing my nesting thing. Which we will do tonite and then I have the show tomorrow. I am pretty much ready, my packaging bags arrived yesterday (thank goodness as I ordered so late) so the new repros look all fresh and professional in their acetate sleeves. I had my products all set up yesterday and stupid me should have snapped a picture but I wasn't thinking. Suffice to say, the new grid walls (black epoxy) are nice and make for a clean look in a situation where I have limited space and am unable to use my usual booth. Like tomorrow.

So, if you're in the St. Louis area, come on out to the Saturday Monday Sale. I feel sure there will be lots of wonderful gift items. My focus for the day will be to NOT spend every cent that I earn.

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