Saturday, December 17, 2005

Any day is a painting day

Since most of the shows are over or already hung (40+ hanging in various venues as we speak) I have been champing at the bit to start some new works. Not really part of my Common Denominator series, but other stuff, more abstract, possibly in line with the Stick a Fork in it already piece. In fact I had mentally blocked out next week for playing around with new ideas. I usually call this my "soul work." Or at least that's the code word I use with my coach.

I didn't expect to do it today. We had the grandkids last night for a sleepover and I thought most of the morning and longer would be spent with them. But Ian got sick - poor little guy barfed on me 3 times (you can imagine how charming I smelled!). And this led to an early departure so the kiddos could go home to mom. After changing clothes (again), I threw the smelly stuff in the laundry and decided I would Play in my studio. Woo, hoo, it doesn't get any better than this, a bonus studio day!!!

Working with a 24x30 canvas, I collaged and painted, then painted and collaged some more, layers on layers.....soft pastels, gesso, inks, wax crayons, you name it, true mixed media or is that mixed up media!?!? Plus spray bottles of water and alcohol. And my hair dryer. I had put the tarp down first and that was good thinking because of course I went wild with the drips. It is odd, but anytime I return to "soul work" I have to gear up with some drips. It is almost a ritual with me. There is something so absolutely soothing about the process. I love to watch paints and ink drip and am fascinated with directing the movement with my hair dryer. It is mesmerizing to do over and over again, layering up then wiping away to re-expose parts previously covered. It just feels so right to me.

So now I'm a happy girl again.

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