Monday, December 19, 2005

I should still be sleeping

One of the great things about being an artist and working at home is I don't have a particular schedule. Meaning I can sleep in most days, no alarm necessary. So it is 5:03 am and I have been up for over an hour. Staring brainlessly at this computer screen, drifting through blog after blog of people I don't know. Finally found a funny chap (he lives in the UK so chap just sounds right plus I always wanted to use that word) who writes about every day stuff. He has an odd take which naturally I find interesting.

So why am I up you might ask? The sound of a barfing cat woke me. Why oh why do these cats have to barf in the middle of the night in the middle of our bedroom? I know it was Gilligan, I recognized his hack.

Of course once I was awake I realized I had to pee but was afraid to venture across the floor fearful my bare feet would land on fresh cat barf. I contemplated this for awhile and mapped a strategy in my head. Hugging the edge of the bed, then the skimming the chaise and keeping near the wall, I made it to the bathroom without incident. Returned to bed the same way. Couldn't get back to sleep, had a few hot flashes or night sweats whatever the hell they are called (yeesh I am waaaayyy too young for this) and now I am officially up and kind of dressed, meaning I grabbed clothing in the dark along with my Uggs (it's not pretty). I should go down to work on my new painting but it's still cold in the house; the furnace won't kick into its daytime mode for another hour or so.

I am watching my email as all my newsletters, Daily Sauce, NY Times, et al, are being delivered. I already have my horoscope which says something about Abundance and that I should splurge today. Hmmm, I thought I already did that with Amazon....... their evil little Prime Program along with its sibling One Click. Free trial my ass. They've already hooked me.

And two of my neighbors have gone to work. I can't believe all the action I usually miss.

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