Sunday, December 04, 2005

I see a gift coming on

Did anyone else see Howard Stern on 60 Minutes? He is intriguing to me. Not for the content of his shows, his outrageous behavior, or his wild-ass hairstyle. But for the fact he has attracted my mother as a fan.

Yes, my mother.....same woman who won't wear white shoes after Labor Day. Defies logic I know, but she was actually a regular viewer of his show until it was taken off the air. And it wasn't like she was secretive about it; everyone in our family knew and her language was peppered with "well, on the Howard Stern show yesterday....." She even tried to pull me in for awhile. But I could never understand exactly what she was getting out of the show.

So now Howard is back and has this hee-yuge contract with Sirius (can you say 500 million dollars?) And a new girlfriend with lots of hair, big cleavage, bright teeth. Who seems to live and breathe simply to fawn over this guy. Good gig I suppose, if you're into that.

Perhaps I'll get my mom satellite radio for Xmas this year.

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