Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A tale of two eggs

I have been cooking like a maniac lately. As I say this it occurs to me I rarely go into anything halfway. Either I am not doing it or I am doing it like a maniac, whatever that means. And well, cooking has been that way. Basically, I haven't cooked at all for months then I jumped into gear the past week.

So last Tuesday I had my first manic session. I made meatloaf and chili. At the same time naturally, since I was in the kitchen already. Huge quantities of both; we didn't have to cook for the rest of the week and then still had meals to freeze.

Last night (also a Tuesday, hmmm, am I establishing a habit here?) I launched into the Xmas cookies, attempting to make three varieties simultaneously. I had both ovens fired up, bowls all over the kitchen, flour on the counters, every cooking sheet I own in use. It was, in military terms, a "cluster fuck." At one point John walked in and plucked cookie dough out of my hair, that's how it was. I was cooking for hours, to the point I was actually exhausted and can't imagine how real chefs do it, standing on their feet all that time!?!?! Our ceramic floor is certainly not good for this. Or I am getting too old, but that couldn't be it.

And then this morning, I decided to make a new breakfast recipe out of Self magazine. Their recipes are not always the best. Although they are extremely healthy, I find that pertinent ingredients are often omitted, mainly fat flavorings. I do honestly try to eat healthy and, since dinner last night consisted of raw cookie dough, thought a sensible meal was in order plus this recipe did contain some fat.

Crack eggs into custard cups. Top each egg with 1 T. grated Gruyere. Microwave together 2 minutes on high. Then microwave 1/4 cup marinara sauce and spoon a bit onto each egg. Top with a little more Gruyere and serve.

Have you ever microwaved eggs? I am guessing there is maybe some trick with this that was not mentioned in the recipe. The first egg leaped completely out of it's cup within the first minute, not as a whole egg I might add but rather as a slime missile, spraying all over the interior walls and ceiling of the oven. I quickly turned the oven off, covered them both with a paper towel and then restarted. Right before my eyes, the second egg exploded upward, blasted the paper towel aside, and amazingly, landed in the other egg cup. Done. I opened the door and was stunned at the amount of mess created by these two detonated eggs.

Incidentally, this is a pretty good dish. Needs a little salt and pepper, but otherwise quite tasty and I must imagine fairly healthy because it was good fat. 322 calories if you include a slice of low cal whole grain toast, which I did not.


  1. hee. hee. hee.

    You must *whomp* the eggs, whereupon they will puff up and whistle (pardon my bad English-French pun) - do that souffle thing.

    Sounds like a great cooking marathon! What kind of cookies did you make?

  2. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Gotta' poke a toothpick into the yolk and cover the little dishes with some waxed paper.

    I also want to know what kind of cookies you made! I know where you live...


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