Friday, January 20, 2006

And we're not talkin' donkeys

I survived the Yoga practice. It was definitely challenging but I was able to do all the postures. Afterwards I was floating on air. It was only later when I felt like I had been hit by a very large truck as I was really sore but in a good way. Got the t-shirt too, or two I should say. In a moment of excess (yeesh, even at a Yoga function I couldn't maintain balance!) I was indecisive so got both short sleeve and long sleeve. I was just so drawn to the Pure Yoga logo, it pulled me in.

Rod Stryker is such a compelling teacher and I would enjoy studying with him again, preferably if I were in better physical condition and a little more experienced. I believe he comes to town once a year so I have time to get ready. He did a little bit of lecture before the practice (the classes were teacher training after all) which was excellent, very inspired yet down to earth. He also inserted bits of humor which I didn't expect and found very cool. His quiet passion made me want to study the history and philosophy of Yoga. It prompted me to pull his recommended reading list off the website and I am going to get started on the books.

Plus he is easy on the eyes. I know you probably shouldn't say that about a Yoga teacher but this man has the best looking ass I have ever seen. I kid you not. And I know asses.

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