Friday, January 27, 2006

Be, Bee, Bejesus?

I am buzzing right along on my list and feel very invigorated this week. Of course I am probably boring the bejesus (did I just say that?) out of everyone.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
be-je-sus; be-jee-zus
Function: interjection
Etymology: alteration of by Jesus-- used as a mild oath; used as a noun for emphasis
"scares the bejesus out of me"
At least I am using the word properly.

I love these old words and phrases. A friend used one on the phone the other day, "living the life of Riley." Stopped us both in our tracks and we started cracking up. It was so funny how it just rolled off her tongue as if she were channeling one of her deceased grandparents. Naturally I am going to use it in a collage.

I met with my big commission client last night. I had prepared a slide show of the layout progress and was hoping I was on the right track. You never know about this stuff and I was nervous. I've been working my butt off (figuratively of course - regrettably it is still back there, still too snug in sexy jeans, still encased in old lady jeans). I explained the process to the client. Mainly scanning, retouching and doing layout of nearly 150 photos spanning five generations of her family. Working 2-6' x 4' side by side canvasses for layout, moving back and forth from one to the other. It is a crazy number of photos to work into one piece and I have questioned my sanity more then once these last few weeks.

But it all came together last night as the client was very happy with my work. So happy it brought tears to her eyes. Which felt incredible to me, not that I want to make her cry, but happy cry is good. And it was good to be on the right track. It will be much easier leaving for Florida knowing I have the layout done. When I return I will get down to the gluing and painting which is hopefully when the real magic will begin. I can't wait!

The other commission is coming along well too. Funny thing about that. Since I have been working on this mongo piece, it seemed so much easier to do the 20 x 20. Same way with the few 6 x 6's I have made this week. I felt refreshed when I returned to those familiar sizes and that was a nice side benefit.

I also talked to the gallery owner and have an appointment for them to view some of my originals. And get this.........they like my abstracts........woo exciting is that. So, if all goes well on that front, perhaps I can get my abstracts out there in front of an audience. Oh how that would please me.


  1. You deserve to get those abstracts out in front of an audience. As I've said before, I really respond to them.

  2. are the hardest working artist i know. you knew that finally all of the toil would pay off and it sounds like it has and will continue.

    couldn't happen to a nicer or more talented person.


  3. what a fantastic commission this sounds like. I can almost envision are the perfect artist to carry it off, full steam ahead! (how's that for an old phrase?)
    As for those wonderful abstracts, they definitely have a place in your future as well. They are gorgeous.


  4. the time and talent you have makes the rest of us look bad. STOP THE know I'm joking. I have always loved your abstracts and they deserved to be SEEN by many... and the commissioned pieces...well, those will absolutely be a "lifetime of love" for those who will own them.


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