Sunday, January 22, 2006

We had the grandkids on Friday night and started out by picking them up at Daycare (or "school" as they call it). The conversation in the car went like this...

"There's an American flag."

"I don't see a flag," I said, baiting him.

"It's behind those trees, just wait Yia Yia and you will see it."

"Oh yes, there it is, wow, what a big flag!" I exclaimed.

"It's an American flag. We live in America." Aidan replies quite seriously. "America is on the Earth," he continues, "so is Madagascar."

A few miles further down the road......

"I would like to eat some macaroni and cheese."

"Well Aidan, it's your lucky day!" I said, "Because that is exactly what we are having for dinner. And we are having fish sticks too."

"I like fish sticks." he said. "We had fish sticks at my house last night."

He paused. "But I didn't get any because I was not being cooperative and was throwing a fit."

It was all John and I could do to keep from bursting out in laughter.

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