Thursday, January 05, 2006

Little Debbie

We are not talking snack cakes here, but real cakes. And brownies and cookies, and tarts oh my!

Lucky us, that our son-in-law Frank has pretty cool relatives, some we have even claimed as our friends such as his brother Chris and wife Debbie. I really relate to Debbie because she left a job as an attorney to become a pastry chef. Much as I left a career in the insurance biz to become an artist. We did it right about the same time. Plus we are about the same age. Plus she is irreverent and liberal leaning and says just about anything that pops into her head. Gee, imagine why I would like her?

Anyway, Chris and Debbie came into town over the holidays (or holidaze, as Jane would say). We caught up with them for lunch on Monday and had a delightful time. Debbie brought us treats. I waited all of about 2 minutes (until we were back in the car) to open the box and peer inside.

The most gorgeous assortment of brownies I have ever seen. At first I thought I would wait to try one, but the smell was irresistible. I picked up the brownie with great care, worshipped it briefly then took a modest bite. Oh my goodness, it was amazing - Debbie had surpassed herself. It was a very dense moist brownie that had been dipped (smothered) in chocolate with chopped nuts on top. Absolutely divine to die for flavor. I was polite and offered John a bite even though I was secretly hoping he would refuse.

I tried to entice him, "I think this is the best thing I have ever had in my mouth."

Raised eyebrows were his answer.

"Oh, I mean except for........" I said in reply.

Use your imagination. This is a family blog after all.

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