Thursday, January 26, 2006

Seems like my favorite hair styling tool of the moment is a dryer sheet. Yes, you heard me right........dryer sheet, as in the laundry product.

My hair is baby fine and this time of year it carries so much static I can hardly believe it. So if I even touch it briefly, say while getting dressed or, God forbid, running a brush through it, I get this wild electrified look. Remember when you were a kid and used to rub a balloon against your head (ok, I sometimes still do this to entertain the grandkids). Well, that's the look. The only way to calm it down is with water or to use a dryer sheet. Hence my new styling program. The nice thing (NOT) is I always have this Fresh linen scent emanating from my head.


  1. oh girl, you and me both. There better be a special place in heaven for girls with baby fine hair, because earth has not been kind to us.

  2. Count me in - fine hair AND electricity! Here in WY it is so dry in the winter that we have to carry a dryer sheet with us to open the door to our car - otherwise we get zapped! Not pleasant in the morning! LOL



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