Sunday, January 29, 2006

Thank goodness I can depend on Marian for documenting my life when I always forget my camera.

This was last night, my bargain outfit. Pants (previously mentioned diaphanous silk), that I got in Hawaii, my friend Lois scrounged through some rack for them (in my size only!), reduced from a crazy 3 digit price to low 2 digits. Camisole, same deal, I found it here though. The shrug is from a cheap Asian import store which fills in as my local version of Chinatown. Total = well under $100 for the whole get-up. Also intentionally loose enough to hide my stubborn holiday pounds.

See that bracelet on my wrist? The gold and diamond one? Well I lost it last night but luckily a friend found it. Ya think I need a safety chain!?!?

Speaking of diamonds. Smart mouth Marian thinks I need a diamond solitaire to go with my earrings. Naturally she mentioned it right in front of John, ha! What is not to love about this woman!?!?!??!

And doesn't John look cute by the way?


  1. Yes, John does look cute. And you, with your personal shoppers and all......well, "my oh my, she does clean up quite fine."

    Congrats again !!!!!

  2. Anonymous7:40 AM

    A safety chain??? probably need one, but you might need to put it on that very nice guy you're schlepping around instead of the bracelet!


    Oh! I vote for the large diamond, too. You can always sew it into the hem of your coat if you ever need to escape! :-)

  3. Anonymous9:52 AM

    1. Yes, Yes, and Yes
    2. Nothing...where's she been, btw?
    3. Yes, happy and adorable!

  4. Mary Beth-

    Oh, to find a top and a pair of pants in YOUR size to fit ME! (translation - lose weight, Deb! LOL) You look lovely, and isn't HE a cutie! Nice looking couple there. They look very ARTSTY!
    Was this the art auction/show?



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