Monday, January 09, 2006

Fun weekend.

It started on Friday, during the day with my massage. Aaaahhh.........I needed that.

Then I met up with a group of women to see The Good Body,
Eve Ensler's new play. This time (unlike Vagina Monologues which I saw in SF with the ensemble cast) Eve is the whole show. And she is simply fantastic assuming multiple roles as she explores women's ideas regarding body image. The show is touching at times yet laugh at loud funny and provides intelligent food for thought. Needless to say, with my body (stomach) obsessions, this was precisely what I needed to see at the start of the New Year. Hilarious to hear Eve lament over her stomach which of course did not seem an issue to me(her stomach that is). But then she probably wouldn't find mine an issue either.

On Saturday I had to deliver the painting. My schedule totally derailed early in the morning with an email about a postmark deadline (thank goodness for Art Fair Sourcebook) for a show I had intended to enter. Somehow I had it on my calendar with the wrong date. So I immediately spent about an hour getting that together along with several other packages to mail. John headed to the Post Office and I went into the city to meet Rhonda.

Lots of work submitted for the show, some of it very good. I was number 111 which I thought was lucky. I feel sure it's someone's lucky number. Whether it is mine or not remains to be seen. I heard there were about 100 more works expected.

Rhonda needed to meet with a gallery owner to retrieve unsold items from a recent show. We decided on lunch at Kitchen K and went that direction. Ultimately connected with 2 of her other friends and hung out a bit plus got tours of their very cool and hip lofts. Met up with the gallery owner, Chris, and he is a terrific guy who already knew of my work, how cool is that? We went over to Philip Slein to see the new Tom Huck show and to say it is amazing is an understatement. Huge woodcuts of such incredible detail it is hard to fathom. Just inspiring.

Anyway it was my favorite kind of spontaneous day. I had to pinch myself I cannot believe how great life is.

Sunday I caught up around here. Wanted to get into the studio to make some art but it didn't happen. I was doing Photoshop stuff on the new commissions. Hours of Photoshop stuff, like an entire football game ripped by me and I didn't even realize it. Needless to say my shoulders are all hunched up again. I think I need another massage......

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