Saturday, January 07, 2006

Got Murk?

This is my newest painting which I am entering into a show at Art St. Louis. They are jurying off the original art, so I will deliver it today. The show is called Layered Stitched and Assembled, hopefully the jurors will find my work meets their expectations.

This is the third piece in my new abstract series and I have been working on my artist statement. I've been struggling as I know what these pieces mean in my head, but putting it into words is another matter. I mean that's why I am painting them instead of trying to write. But here is what I've come up with, keeping in mind it is possibly a work in progress and may evolve:

My paintings are layers of exploration. I build the piece with collage elements sandwiched over and under paint, soft pastel, and ink. Using sand paper, I intentionally distress or peel away certain layers. And out of the murkiness comes a moment. With so many things assaulting us daily, to preserve a moment seems sacred to me.

I would still like to "name" the series, like I have done with my Common Denominator work. That name didn't pop up initially though, so I suspect that, as time goes by, the name will come to me. Probably when I am in the shower.

And yes, Got Murk? is really the name of this painting.


  1. Mary Beth, I have to tell you that I admire you and your work in so many ways. I first fell in love with your abstracts, and while I really responded to your more recent collages, I am delighted to see an abstract work of yours again. One day I hope to see them in real life.

  2. mary are really outdoing yourself....I love this new one so much and I love the somes up my mood on a number of days.


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