Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A day in the life

Tuesday, here's how it went:

- Got up, had coffee, blogged my list, read some other blogs and email
- Scrambled one egg and warmed 2 pieces of thinly sliced turkey, breakfast of the week
- While eating I re-printed the edits for big commission, then worked in studio for 3 hours
- John and I messed around with the repros(as opposed to each other, how sad is that?) and still can't get the color right for this one painting. I ordered mats and clear bags
- Shower, clothes, makeup, hair - 20 minutes
- Quick lunch (plain Greek yogurt with local honey- which is supposed to help allergies and sinus- plus muesli) - 15 minutes while reading the mail
- Dentist, high marks for excellent dental hygiene, no cavities although old fillings beckon replacement. Yeah yeah I find more and more parts of my body beckon replacement at this point.
- Stopped at ABC trading to get a wrap for semi-formal event this weekend. Got this lacy shrug-like thingie that looks really cool and was very cheap. Plus it has sequins on it, tee, hee, hee. I always wanted to wear sequins and envisioned something way over the top. These are black and rather subtle really, not like my fuschia boa but that's a story for another day.
- Sprint store, traded my phone for a new one. The battery was shot and it actually cost less to get a new phone than it would to get another battery. I selected a phone that works as.........drumroll please..........a phone. This is a near obsolete item which you know if you have been in a cellphone store lately, it's all about multi-function. But I really just wanted a phone. One requirement only, I wanted to see the # of the incoming call on the front of the phone. The one I got is small, cute and black. It has outrageous ring tones. I lusted over the sleek Razor-like phone, in fact I actually pawed it in front of the sales guy. But it was way out of my budget. Their computer went down and I had to wait maybe 5 minutes extra which I was doing quietly, for which I was given a $20 credit (? huh ? since when did cell companies turn so polite???) promptly redeemed on accessories like a 2nd car charger so John and I no longer have to share. They transferred my phone book, voice mail etc for free. Got 300 more minutes a month plus free anytime minutes starting at 7pm(instead of 9pm) for only $5. Hooray for Sprint.
- Checked out new Nutrition store in the Valley. They are going to order some of my favorite food from CA that I can't find around here.
- Called neighbor kid to order Girl Scout cookies, yeah, that's not exactly nutritiously sound is it? Nor is it on my SouthBeach plan......
- Hemmed my diaphanous silk pants for the previously mentioned semi-formal event. Now what the f*%k was I thinking when I thought that hemming satin lined silk pants was within my feeble sewing capabilities........yeesh, several hours later I would have gladly handed anyone $50 bucks for taking these dudes off my hands. But they are done now and seem to be equal length all around which is something of a minor miracle.
- Dinner with John (Asian chicken stew, yum, my honey is the best)
- Caught up on a little Tivo
- Worked on computer for a couple hours. Scanned pieces for 20x20 commission, developed my layout, emailed client
- And I finally made a decision! No repros for FL shows. I spent some time reading the repro policy and it is clear as mud. So it seems pretty obvious to me - if I don't even know what they are saying, I shouldn't try to do it, huh? Hopefully we can get this together before 4 Bridges show.

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