Saturday, January 28, 2006

Des Moines Here I come!

I am a crazed maniac right now because I found out I've been accepted into the Des Moines Arts Festival. The #3 show in the country. Only 150 artists. The competition was fierce and I just can't believe it. I keep pinching myself I am so thrilled.

I have had a number of show rejections and am relieved acceptances are starting to roll in cause I need to make some money. How crass is that? But my cute little car is being a pain in the you know what. We had 2 separate car repair incidents this week with a total cost over $1000. Ouch, not what I needed. I am very disappointed in this car, my adorable "I'm going to keep it forever" red Saab. Only 54,000 miles and it seems to be falling apart. GM, what have you done to these cars??????? Needless to say, a new car is not in my near future.

It is rainy and gray outside. I'm in the studio all day though which makes me very happy. Then we have to get dolled up tonite for a swank fundraising event for Chesterfield Arts. I painted my toes for the occasion. Toenails I mean, I'm not that nuts.


  1. Eek, what kind of Saab? I have a 9.5 Sedan .... I hope it doesn't fall apart in a few years!
    Congratulations on your acceptance!

  2. Mary Beth...the Des Moines show? OMG, how cool is that? You've hit the big time! My dream is to be accepted into the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver (sigh)the # 1 show in the country. Like you say, fierce competition. Maybe someday????
    As for that silly little Saab - they are just too cute! They should be sold only to artists (but they shouldn't break down, either! LOL) I'm waiting for my beloved PT Cruiser to bite the dust.
    Congrats on the show! I cannot imagine ANYONE turning down your fantastic work!


  3. Anonymous12:18 PM

    congratulations, when is the DesMoines show?

  4. are too good for your own good. The midwest is where you belong !!!!! When is the Iowa show ???? Ya know....Des Moines is not that far from Madison, and if that show is #3 in the country....I just might have to come see you !!!!


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