Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Spinning my wheels

I feel like a worker bee lately. As we prepare for Florida, I have so much going on it's hard to keep everything straight in my head or on paper.

I am a list maker, always on graph paper of some sort......those squares, what can I say? Anyway, once I go through the ritual of writing it down, usually everything is committed in my head and I find I never have to refer to it again. But I do of course since the act of scratching things off is so rewarding. And yes, of course I have played that game where I do something not on the list then add it on just for the sheer thrill of crossing it off. Can you say anal?

But now I am in this place where I have so much going on I can't even remember to put it on the list. And the things on the list are not lodging in my head like they normally do; in fact, I am living by the list right now because I can't remember crap. And for me, that's a sign too much is going on.

Ok, so here goes......before we leave for FL......that is 2 weeks and 2 days.......I need to do the following:

1. Complete new 20 x 20 commission and mail to recipient
2. Re-do print-outs of photos for 6' x 4' commission, finalize layout and get background materials assembled/meet with client
3. Send CD of images to gallery owner who requested them
4. Write promo for custom work to hang in booth/prepare a questionnaire to use when someone purchases a custom piece, kind of a checklist (this may have to wait)
5. Finish more 6x6's for FL inventory, probably 2 dozen more, 12 which are in the works already
6. Review show entries that will be due during our absence/make decisions and just enter them already
7. Make final decision of repros, order bags, mats if necessary
8. Final inventory count for FL shows
9. Scan and Photoshop new photos
10. Review prices and prepare new price lists for FL, buy price stickers
11. Deliver ArtFeast donation
12. Deliver art to be photographed for slides
13. Email jpgs for slide preparation
14. Monthly altered book project

As I review the list it occurs to me some of these items are on here because I can't make a decision. They've been on the list for awhile now yet I still drag my feet. Hmm, I wonder what's up with that?I also see that I can maybe do one task per day and get it done. Obviously the 6x6's couldn't be done in a day, but a few here and there plus some late nights and it's do-able. NOT on the list are all the personal things I need to do such as pull out FL type clothes and see if they still fit.......


  1. Anonymous6:29 PM

    don't forget you promised to teach paste paper this weekend.
    M. Hyde

  2. WOW.....you are loaded down girlfriend......and just think....you thought maybe we could get a lunch in sometime soon.
    I think we may have to put that on hold for a bit ????? Where in Florida and when exactly ???


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