Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Turns out that 111 is not my lucky number after all. Got Murk? was rejected(officially we call that "not selected" - it just feels like rejected) from the Layered, Stitched and Assembled show. I am sort of bummed. OK, maybe more than sort of.

Layering is kind of my thing you know. Or at least I think it is. So the rejection or not selected or whatever you want to call it feels a little bit worse because of that. And then the fact that I truly thought this piece was significant since I practically bled all over it, that's how passionate I was creating it.

I keep telling myself this is only the opinion of two people.



  1. Anonymous9:53 PM

    Yes, it is the opinion of ONLY two people. What kind of judging is that. You have much better places for your art. What do you want done to them?

  2. MB....I only kinda, sorta know your pain, but screw them. I loved it and I am sure everyone else you know loved it too. That has to count for something. You have so much talent, don't let it get you down for more then a moment and then it's back to the "big girl" panties and on to something else just as wonderful.
    And the cats and the water bowl..LOL

  3. it was significant and wonderful and it will be in other shows and then purchased by a wealthy benefactor who totally gets what you're trying to convey and then you and john will be set for life...

    or something very simple will happen that will make you smile, like getting encouragement from your adoring fans!


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