Wednesday, February 08, 2006

And now, for the packing part of the program

Packing the art is one thing. Even though there's a lot of it, 100+ pieces, there are only so many ways you can do it. We use carpet padding for the large canvasses, with bungie cords to hold it in place. The smaller stuff fits into large plastic containers, each piece separated by carpet padding and/or wax paper. The wax paper helps with varnish stickiness, clearly more of a problem when there's a lot of humidity.

But my clothes. That is another story. Yee gads, I wish I could simplify this in some way. But no, I always have to pull everything that fits ( a moving target) out of my closet and try on various combinations while I consider every possible layering option. Then I look to shoe choices and complicate it further.

After considering many options I believe I am going with my kitschy skirts and cowboy boots which is what I usually wear to the fall shows. The summer shows I wear the same skirts with flip flops. But I don't think it will be warm enough for that as 60's is not what I consider flip flop weather. Usually a camisole on top but in this case I think I will have another layer or two on top as well.

This image is a new t-shirt I just got........what you can't see from the photo are the sequins! Is this NOT Boca!?!??!?!? It will be perfect with a denim skirt and my boots.


  1. I LOL'ed on your packing--the same way I pack, only I start with comfortable shoes and go from there to try on every damned thing and combination of things to make sure I don't look too fat in it.

  2. The packing thing....yeah, good luck with that. Always a nightmare for me, too. And when you are changing climates, YIKES. John's parents are in the Naples area, and even there, at this time of year, you need a little of everything. My theory....pack light and buy, buy,, shop, shop. For some reason, no matter what I pack for Florida, by the time I get there, I don't like any of my own stuff anyway.


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