Saturday, February 11, 2006

I’ll tell you a secret about my husband. He listens to country music. One day I got into his truck and the radio display said “The Bull”…..I didn’t know the station but it only took me a second or so to identify it as country. Ya think?

Generally I am not a big fan of country music but every once in awhile I kind of enjoy listening. Some of the tunes are pretty snappy and the musicians seem decently talented. And I really like to make fun of the lyrics.

So we’re on this road trip and I am controlling the radio, a play mix of NPR, iPod, CD’s. It's pretty eclectic. Yesterday I was playing the Seek game and found a Nashville station called The Wolf. I don’t know what’s up with the animal names but yeah, you guessed it. They were just voted #1 country station in the nation at a self proclaimed big deal radio thing in Vegas. And I will have to say, it’s a great station. 40 minute spots of music featuring a very unusual mix of old and new country, classic rock, and a female DJ with a British accent. Hmmm, are we still in Nashville?

The first song we heard was “Cheatin,” a soulful tune about the down side of cheating. Our song’s heroine basically took everything from her bum ex, prize possessions such as the trailer and the truck. It is actually a pretty funny song to which I could relate although the terms were slightly different in my situation.

The second song was about a guy coming home from work, he’s tired, just driving his truck minding his own business when someone in a foreign car (while talking on a cell phone) cuts him off then gives him the finger. Our hero plugs along and loses a parking spot to a Mercedes Benz. Etc, then goes into his refrain, Some get the drift. It’s hilarious.

This morning NPR was playing classical instead of Diane Rheem. We were about to fall asleep so I punched up another station and couldn’t believe my ears. The first song I heard was “Cheatin.” And then…….I already knew what it was just from the first notes……..'"Some Beach"…I couldn’t hear the whole song cause we were getting gas and John turned the car off. Most likely to stop me from singing at the top of my lungs. And my cowboy boots sauntered in to pick up a Yoohoo Mocha. They don’t exactly have Starbucks here in the middle of nowhere Georgia.

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  1. Everyone who knows me knows that I , too, love country music. YOU GO JOHN!!!!! And I'm telling you, it's very easy to get hooked. The next time you are on a country station, listen for the song,"she let herself go." This is my new favorite by George Strait, and you will get a kick out of it. And remember...while in the south, do as the southerners do.....enjoy country music !!!!!!


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