Friday, February 24, 2006

Note to self

Never watch 2 episodes of 24 back to back and expect to sleep. I will be up all night. The good news is I didn't have a stroke.

We are catching up on our Tivo since we were out of town. And to say that 24 is getting intense is an understatement. I would have been screaming at the weiner President except I don't have a voice. Jack is the only one who could possibly fix this cluster fuck (that is a military term, my husband told me so). I am even liking Audrey this season.

So I guess I just have to wait till Monday to see where this goes next.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Just watching the hour is all I can handle. There is really a lot of action this year. And to think, this is only on day in the life of Jack Bauer.

    Be grateful that the president isn't in office. What a jerk.

    welcome back.


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