Monday, February 13, 2006

Well I have dipped my toe into the Florida market and now I have gangrene. Ok, maybe it's not that bad, my inner/outer drama queen must be talking. Sales were low as in horrible. As in non-profitable we lost money on the trip low. My neighbors at the Boca show tell me this was not the norm and to definitely give FL another try. Which I will because of course I'm in Artigras next weekend. And I am hopeful that will present a group of more like minded people. Cause the Boca crowd was just a little different. Sunglasses worth more than my computer. Not to mention purses and shoes. I am a little vain about my looks and such but these women put me to shame. I am positively LOW maintenance down here.

In all fairness, I met many lovely folks and the vast majority were supportive and complimentary of my art. My friend Karyl told me she heard that you have to hear 100 compliments to erase the sting of one ugly remark. Luckily I did experience that kind of ratio because there were a couple real cutting comments that just knocked me flat. The woman who stood in the middle of my booth and proclaimed (imagine loud east coast accent) "why anyone would want pictures of someone else in their home is beyond me." But on the other hand, I so enjoyed my conversations with a number of people including a woman who had recently left her corporate job to pursue creative interests. Much like I did six years ago. She was delightful.

And I saw the most amazing sights. Dogs were the hit of the weekend. Wearing visors, the favored doggie accessory here on the southeast coast. Saw one dog wearing a ruffled dress. But the winner of the doggie fashion show was a Peekapoo sporting a pink suede jacket with matching pink suede boots. On all four feet.




    I can't believe people are so insensitive! That rude woman's comment makes me think of one I got: "Now, where would I HANG this in my HOUSE?" As if once my work was on the all, the whole house would collapse in shock! LOL

    Art is such a subective thing. Seems people either love it or they hate it. But I have trouble imagining anyone not seeing the genius in YOUR Work!

    Hang in there and keep plugging. Maybe next week will get much depends on timing, the crowd involved,etc...and you can never predict the public, as you well know (LOL)!

    Sounds like if they spent as much $$ on ART as they do their DOGS, you'd be rich! LOL


  2. Oh my gosh. I can't believe people would pass up YOUR art, while dressing their pooches in suede booties and such. Maybe too much sun really does burn up the brain cells. Good luck at your next stop !!!!!

  3. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Ah...I will have the cat children dressed appropriately for your return home. Merlin will, of course, be in his Mage costume. Gilligan will be a Grand Pirate and Izzy will be in her finest femme fatale tutu with sequin embellishments.


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