Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So many stories, so little time....

Where to start.

My new Princess shoes……comfy little sandals with some bling on them. Just what a girl needs when in Florida. Some say they are "fancy" but I don't think so, perhaps just a smidge over the top. They look nice on my foot and they feel so great. I wore them for days on end with no blisters at all. Pretty amazing for me because I have tender feet, what else would you expect from a princess.

Vincent Van Gourd. Yes, I was in a show with an artist going by the name Vincent Van Gourd. Actually they were good looking gourds if you’re into that sort of thing. 'Nuff said.

Kiki of the Tiny Treasure Tent. Many of these shows have a tent where children can purchase small pieces of art for moderate prices, usually under $25. The Artigras organizers asked the participating artists to donate works so I gave a couple of repros. That's how I met Kiki. She selected my work and then her mother brought her over to meet the artist. She was adorable and shy, a petite redhead with creamy skin. She seemed "in awe" of me to say the least. What a doll; I am so pleased she selected my art to hang in her room.

Scrapbooking on Steroids. Every once in awhile someone will compare my work to scrapbooking and clearly there is a connection since I am using family photos in square format works. So this is my new phrase.

Small World. We were stunned and amazed when a couple we know from Cincinnati walked into the booth the first day. They were vacationing in a nearby town and attended the show with relatives. When they entered Artigras, Wayne joked, "wouldn't it be funny if Mary Beth was here?" Then another couple from St. Louis showed up. Everybody knew everybody else from when we all worked for Safeco Insurance years ago. It was great to catch up a bit; just wish I would have had more time. Needless to say, they were shaking their heads over the fact I worked in the insurance world all those years.

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  1. Being a size 11 AA, I can't find blingy little sandals in my size. Even if I could, they wouldn't be cute. So I am destined to live vicariously. How about a pic?


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