Friday, February 17, 2006

Miami Beach Sunset

Not the beach really, this is the view over the traffic jam as I was hanging out the top of Claire's convertible. The clouds were so incredible I was immune to the traffic, but then I wasn't driving.

It was a beautiful day and I finally caught some rays. I even have budding tan lines, attained while sensibly wearing a #30 sunscreen.

Claire and I had a great day touring Miami Beach. The architecture is amazing, such crisp style paired with the retro pastel color palette that is so Miami Beach. Fashion abounds and the people watching is world class. The boat show is also in use the word "boat" to describe these floating monstrosities is not really adequate. We are talking multi million dollar ocean going yachts here, many are 3 and 4 stories tall, simply stunning in appearance. This little Midwestern girl has never seen anything like it.

We met up with John for dinner in Ft. Lauderdale. Sidewalk dining at a fantastic Italian spot on Las Olas. I think we were all in the mood for Italian after hearing the food talk from Olympics coverage. And it did not disappoint. Yum.

Then came home and stayed up late watching Whale Rider. Claire and I were drawn to this film because Lisa Gerrard (of Dead can Dance) was the composer. Her music is a haunting backdrop. And the movie is good; sweetly touching. You might need Kleenex. We also saw The Parrots of Telegraph Hill the other night. A great documentary that any animal lover would enjoy plus lots of San Francisco scenery that brought back memories for me and John.

But I am back to work today. We are heading a little north to Jupiter. We'll set up the booth or rather John will set up the booth and I will hang the art. Then get settled in a hotel for the next few days. I believe we are going to have lovely weather this weekend. The show is Sat, Sun, Mon. I am cautiously excited.

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