Thursday, February 23, 2006

Of Eats and Feets

Our hotel in Orlando sold tickets to Universal Studios, tours, etc. Here is a portion of one of the signs, which cracked me up as I was eating breakfast. It probably also cracked up the gentleman sitting next to the sign as I was trying to photograph it. He was giving me a really weird look.

The hotel was a Hampton Inn which is our usual, but there was a bigger array of breakfast food than usual. Including all sorts of carry-out snack things. I was compelled to pick up a few like a package of Brown sugar Pop Tarts and a box of low fat Granola. Because they were free don'tcha know. What is it about the lure of free food?

The thing is, you never know when you might be stranded in the car and have to forage for food. Lordy, between the snacks I had on hand, the free snacks I gathered at the show (can you say Famous Amos cookies?) and the stash from the Hampton, we could have eaten out of the car for a week.

And, per request, here is a picture of my skinny ol' feet wearing their Princess shoes. First time I have ever photographed my own feet.

The shoes are made by Onex. They have some cushioning in the sole so they are cloud-like. Every part of them is soft as butter, I kid you not. Just a tiny wedge heel of about one inch.


  1. great shoes....and just like an artist, the floor color was the perfect backdrop to go with your toe nail polish and the gold in the sandals.....hee, hee

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Oh, Beth, it may be that her feet are up against a wall... :-) That color looks suspiciously like the new bathroom paint!

    Welcome home, Mary Beth!

  3. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Hi Mary Beth!
    Check out what happened on my way back from the show on my web site.
    Fun stuff.


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